Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to move into your new home depends on how you are paying for the home.; if financing, it can take extra time.  Once the home is paid for, the manufacturer will start building it, and in the meantime you'll be able to secure permits and begin excavation at your site.  We can perform the excavation for you, or help you find a local builder to do it for you. You will also need to work out getting all the utilities, such as water electricity, gas, etc. so that it can be ready when your new home arrives. The time it takes from ordering your new home, to when it arrives at our site, varies due to current volume of orders.

A manufactured home is built on the frame with removable wheels and axles.  It hauled to your site, set up, axles and tires are removed.  Manufactured homes are built to Federal Hud Codes.  

Modular homes are built on a temporary frame hauled to your site and set up on a foundation.  The frame is removed,  Modular homes are built to your specific city or county building codes.

Central Homes can prepare your home site including excavation, utilities, etc. We also have a list of other contractors that we recommend to help. Our price include delivery and setup to our prepared site. We often help buyers create sidewalks, decks, hottubs, garages, for extra charge.

The typical home setup includes:

  1. Your home adjoined together and sealed
  2. Roofing completed
  3. Siding completed
  4. Tape and Texture of inside walls
  5. Blocking and Pier Supports
  6. Cleaning of home and job site
  7. Walkthrough and Review of Warranties